Friday, August 26, 2011

✿ 离家出走 = 完结篇 ✿

Okay ~ I'm lazy to explain each of the pictures ... So , let the pictures do the talking ~ ^^


It's time to say < Goodbye , Malacca > ..
Gonna miss our 2 days 1 night there ..
Anyway ~ 
I gained quite a number of feedbacks from my sistaz who sat with me in the same car ...
One of them...
I copied and paste her words...

This whole trip..i found out a thing!! Esther Lee Mei Jiun really a super duper talkative girl!! she can talk from Johor to Melacca non-stop and without feeling tired.. omg ==” hahahaha.. I think if our trip is to penang, she also can talk non-stop till penang, right esther?? hahahaha~ even most of us were slept, she still can talk softly and slowly to luyi >.< I really can’t bear her~ haiz~~ pity reynold!! Hahahahaha anyway, she still bring a lot laugh for us!! Hahahahaha 

Super duper funny after i learned about this ... I couldn't belief that i'm that noisy ~ ^^ Believe me ... I'm a quiet person !
Stay tune ~ 

Thursday, August 25, 2011

✿ 离家出走 = 回想篇 ✿

Hmm ~  A boring Thursday afternoon ... * DISLIKE * Anyway ... When i recall back my Malacca trip ... I will miss it badly ~ Really ... ^^ You guys sure will find it weird .. Why i haven't finish blogging about my Malacca trip with my lovely sistaz ??? Because ... I purposely did that to keep my mind stay fresh about it .. I don't wish to forget about that unforgettable moment with them .. So... What i did is this .. Have a look ~ 

Just 5 of us play at the villa's swimming pool ~ 
We do enjoy ourself in the pool ...
The couple ~ a Jia + her Boy...
Me + my Boy...
GOAL !!! 
See how happy is our pretty + young lady , a Jia ~ >.<

猴子抢球 ~ 
我+a Jia , Hubby , a Ho and a Lai 轮流做猴子 ~ 
Put your hands up ...
Put your hands up ~ 

Hubby + a Ho have nothing to do... ^^ 水中浮尸 ~ 

明天再update吧 ~

✿ 离家出走 = 第四篇 ✿

Hey ~  Good morning peeps .... ^^ The time is 9.55am ... Hubby woke me up at around 7.30am .. Early , man ! But .. No one can help me .. Because we need to go pasar pagi ( market ) to buy breakfast and vegetables + meat .. * FRESH * I should have snap some photos at there ... ^^ Next time i will do that .. Okay ~  Let's me drag you back to Malacca now ... Have fun when viewing all the photos down here ya ... XD Hope you guys enjoy when read it ooo ~ 

穿上我们的 colorful POLO T 去泳池边拍照咯 ~







香车美人 ??? XD

在villa的大结局 。。。

看了这几张照片....我们的男人真的很很很很可怜下下咧...为了帮我们这九位美女拍照还要加effect ( 泡泡 ) ,NG了可不少...拍了还要让我们过目一几下...看 OK 不 OK ..不 OK一定要马上重拍...我们呢...一个地方可以拍上百张照片...可怕吧 ? 所以呢..那些男人说...一帮我们拍了,就快点闪人...不用理我们哦...几坏一下...可是呢...凭我们的魅力..他们还是帮我们拍了不少哦... 好吧..就可怜可怜你们一下... 我们九位美女就勉强的跟你们说 = Love u = 啦.. 
好过没有嘛 ~  

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