Thursday, August 14, 2014

Review - Bloop Candy Duo Lipstick (Eco-Chic 05)

Hello girls! It's time for another review of a beauty product which I think many bloggers had blogged about it. Better late than never, right? (: *self-convinced* This product is currently my favourite lipstick from Bloop which gives me pinkish lips that every girl dreams of! 

Lately, Bloop had launched 5 different colours of Limited Edition Urban Chic Lifestyle Duo Lipstick. The design attracts me due to the 2-in-1 convenient pack. Other than that, what's makes it so much attractive is that: 
1. Rich matte texture
2. Safe and long-lasting
3. Hydrates & Moisturises
4. Smooth & even application
5. Reduces the appearance of fine lines on lips
Details of the product:

Name: Eco-Chic 05
Brand: Bloop
Colour: Magic Pink
Price: RM38
This Magic Lipstick with dragon fruit essence will gives you natural pinkish colour according to your own lips colour. Even after you had your meal, the pinkish colour won't go off easily! It's long -lasting becomes the factor why am I so in love with it.  

As you can see from the picture above, it is well stated which one to use first. Step 1 is the Magic Lipstick. Apply a thin layer before going into the Step 2. Personally, I prefer a very thin layer of this Magic Lipstick coz I don't like too pinkish lips. Step 2 is just the lip gloss where gives extra shine and gloss on your kissable lips. 

What I did to my lips for testing this product:
Apply nothing on my lips, "bare" lips (:

Step 1: Applying a thin layer of Magic Lipstick

Step 2: Applying the lip gloss to give my lips look shiny *blink-blink*

P/S: The Bloop Eco-Chic 05 is awesome coz both of the lipstick are not detachable! Good for a clumsy person like ME. Not going to drop that easily! >.<

How to buy it: 
Go to and you will get FREE delivery if purchased more than RM80.
Key in the code for 5% discount on your total bill before check out your shopping cart

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