Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Minarae ❤

It's another food post. Forgive me to blog about food at this hours when everyone is starving. ): I just found these pictures which I haven't post it here. Korean foods is my favourite food ever since le boyfie loves it more than how much he loves me >.< Just hope he won't get to see this sentence or else he will kill me. So, back to the topic where le boyfie, my bestie (Lin) and I went to Minarae Korean BBQ Restaurant @ Sri Petaling like about 2 weeks ago.

 The menu 

The ambience in this restaurant is so much different than other Korean BBQ restaurant. This is because they will not put any CD's to play Korean songs. Customers will watch the music bank MTV on the TV while enjoying their Korean cuisine. Isn't that great? Korean music bank MTV with Korean foods. You can enjoy watching at those handsome and pretty Korean singers'face while eating. ^^ lol
 Here come our Budae Zzik.
 Budae Zzik
A big pot full of spicy stew of chicken sausages, kimchi, cheese and ramyun
 Next will be the king of the day : Kimchi Jeon ( Kimchi pancake)
Why I labelled it as "king" ? Want to know about it? This is because the texture of this pancake is AWESOME! Crunchy and tastes good ^^ I'm drooling when I describing how it tastes >.< Yummeehh!
Can you feel how good is it tastes? Start drooling? Yum yum yummmeeehhh !
Want to go this place?

Here's the address:

39-1,Jalan Radin Bagus,
Bandar Baru Sri Petaling,
57000 Kuala Lumpur

016-340 2658(Mi Ja)
012-695 6987(Regina)

Operating hours:
11.30am - 10.00pm
3.00pm - 5.00pm ( Lunch break )
Close on every Tuesday of first & third week

Monday, September 17, 2012

160912 ❤

Are you ready for something "BIG" that I promised to post it here? If you're a follower of mine in Instagram, then this post is just nothing special to you ): Coz I've posted it once I got it long time ago. I'm thinking how and what should I do to post it in a little special way here. Okay. Not to bore you guys with my wordings ^^ *Bear with the bad qualities of the pics ya. I will invest some of my savings to buy a good camera next time.Any suggestion?*

Keep on scroll down to have a view of it (: 
 Tadaaahhhh ^^ Kawaii desu ka?
 My cute LittleKuma that accompany me every night :) 
I'm trying to do some props to make this post not to look so dull and dead. So, I bought some colourful balloons and print out some pictures of moustaches and sexy lips. Are they nice? This is my first time doing this just to blog. Worth it? Hope it is. >.<
This is the sexy lips but it seems too big for me. Anyway, my LittleKuma is cute,right? Want it? What if I do a giveaway of it next time? Great idea? If yes, do leave me a comment ya ^^ Share it out so I can know whether I should do it or not. If there is no response, then I will just say <Sayonara, lucky one!>
 The Big Moustache 
 LittleKuma want it too :)
 Ignore my messy hair,pleaseeeee ):
Another funny pic which I simply draw eyes and nose on the pink balloon. I just want it to have a pair of eyes to look like a human with the moustache. ^^ Gonna improve my drawing skill next time. Lol
 Is the balloon BIG or my face to small? :P I wished to have a sharp nose and flawless fair skin (:
Okay (: Last pic of myself before I say GoodNight and I'm going to hug my LittleKuma. Don't forget about the giveaway of LittleKuma ya. Do leave me a comment if you want me to do this giveaway ^^ I promise that if you guys want to own a LittleKuma and hug it everynight, I will do the giveaway next time. ^^ 

Saturday, September 8, 2012

07092012 ❤

Herlooo~ In order to avoid my blog looking so dead, I decide to post a vain pic of me which I took in the past few days. The pic is kinda blur coz of the front camera of Ipad2. ): So sorry. Anyway, I'm officially in the final exam week. Yesterday I just sat for the first paper, Fluid Mechanics I. >.< Hope I can get the grade that I want. So, 1 paper down, 4 more to come. ^^ Be patient to wait for my updates ya. I might update my blog after next week. Something "BIG" is coming to greet you guys ! ^^ ❤ 

Saturday, September 1, 2012

01092012 - The Show Off Party! ❤

 Are you ready for the most sexiest party ever? 

Be prepared and if you're under age, better scroll and click at the "X" button up there coz this post is gonna be a 18SX post (: So sorry but I can't resists myself not to blog about it. ):

The Show Off Party @ LaSenza, Pavilion which I went just now.
The sweet titbits which are prepared by LaSenza. Sweetness craved! 

 Can you see how hot she is?! I'm so jealous with their perfect body line. ^^
 Pretty and hot with her posing (:
 She enjoyed herself very much with the DJ's music
 She's so adorable and hot,babeh !
OMG OMG OMG ! This can't be. >.< 
 Here comes the hot girls and hunks!!! *Girls shouts when they were invite out*
 Opps ! Sorry for the blur pic. Who cares,right if his face is still crystal clear and hot! 
 We only given 5 seconds to take photos when they're standing in a row!
Everyone rushes and stands right in front of them just to get the better place and angle to capture the nicest photos!
 Flying kiss from him! Got it? (:
Isn't he looks cute and hot with the pink bow studded collar on his neck? :X He is so hot until girls queue up just to take pic with him before he leaves! 
So, this is me who takes pic with the hottest guy ever. ^^ Got to line up. Anyway, worth it! 
Never gonna forget about this party~ ^^

Before I end my post, I will not forget to thank my girl, Zaf who accompany to this party just now! Thanks a lot,babe! I You so much ! ^^ 
Us : At Sushi Zanmai @ Fahrenheit88