Monday, April 30, 2012

✿ End of April ✿

Greetings ! After 15 days of not blogging, I'm here at last. Time flies ! April is going to end just in few hours time... =.=''' Final exam mood is still in the air... Just finished 3 papers since last Friday... 2 more papers to go ! I'm feeling pressurised as well as nervous now ! Mathematics for Engineering and Introduction to Chemical Engineering are killing me softly... Omg !!! *scary* Wish me all the best ya,readers !

Okay so here are some photos of what I did this month ... April is my birthday month ! ^^

#01 Attended ChromeHeart with some coursemates 

#02 Birthday gift from my youngest brother, Nicholas 

#03 Epic pic of the month with baby boy and Sam

#04 My first god daughter * Cherlyn Wee

#05 Chilling at Starbucks when craving for Chocolate Chip Frappucino with Cream

#06 First time outing with housemates at Sushi King Bonanza * last day

#07 My beloved Girl Girl left me :(
The only picture of GirlGirl and I

#08 My third brother wedding *Bride's side wedding dinner
Groom's side wedding dinner is on 6 of May !

That's all for the pics ! End of April's post ~ ♥♥♥

Monday, April 16, 2012

✿ Bonia Watch ✿

Just a short update ^^ Sorry for not updating my blog often ya ! =) My youngest brother bought me a pretty watch as my birthday present ... He refused to tell me the price ... But, he said not expensive at all ... ^^ So, I accepted it with a big smile ... Hehe XP

Nice huh ? ^^
Thank you, my lovely brother , Nicholas ~
Love you to the max ... 

Yeah, I'm going to class everyday !

Thursday, April 12, 2012

✿ Lovely Rendezvous = S for Scrumptious ✿

I miss blogging very much and I hate it so much when I have no ample time to blog! Anyway, yesterday was my 22nd birthday. I had class till 3pm so no birthday celebration for me. And the weather was really sultry yesterday. Don't feel like going out. Anyway, I'm in a jolly mood today because my dear baby boy, Sam and I went to KLCC in the afternoon. Actually I feel so sluggish when it comes to study time. But, when the word < shopping > is heard, ACTIVE mode ON automatically.To be honest, I'm more active in Twitter and Instagram so to keep track on me, you are please to follow me ya! 

Instagram: babyyesther and TwitterbabyyEsther

To kill your boredom and satiate your hunger, I shall post some photos of food right now.
So, opted Ben's for lunch !

I think the decoration in Ben's amuses me more!

Artistic writing printed on their menu...
Awesome !

The menu ! 

The decorations placed behind on a rack of my seat ...

I'm not a carbonara's lover
I will stick to Aglio Olio or even Beef lasagna next time...
Cream sauce doesn't suit me !

Baby boy's beef bolognese
According to him: It's mouth watering dish ! 
Can you resist the temptation of FOODS ?!!!

 Beef lasagna ordered by Sam
According to him: He wanted to puke because too much of meat... 

I'm now feeling ravenous while blogging about this!!! Are you ?

Front camera of Ipad is one of the shortcomings!

Snapped this using back camera of Ipad ...
Better than the front camera, right? ^^

Baby boy helped me to capture a nice photo of Big Cute bear and I

Garrett's popcorn is the best popcorn ever!
Bought these bags from Mango,KLCC !
 them so much now ~
My adrenaline hormone is unable to control my excitement for using it tomorrow...

Time passed swiftly when I'm doing something that I like.
Look's like I've been in a fantasy, in a dream full with hoopla.

I've been always saying this, time flies and final exam is coming.
I said it umpteen times because I want to constantly remind myself to accelerate in revising some notes with the hasty time.
Hope I can make it just like the Nike's slogan.
<Just Do It> !!!
Dreadful classes start later (1.15am now)

P/S: Had a great day with you guys, Baby boy and Sam. :P

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Sunday, April 8, 2012

✿ 060412 is ♥ ✿

Sneak peak of what I'm going to blog later ~ 

Hey peeps, what's up! It's 1:42am and I am blogging at this hour.I feel bad and I am here to apologize for not updating my blog recently. Everything thanks to my hustle-bustle degree life. I wished that I can blog frequently but university's workloads are getting more and more everyday and every week. So, what's now? There is an adrenaline flow that rushes into my body urges me to blog now. If not, I am going to have my Final examination on this coming 27th of April. Yeah! It's this month ~

Anyway, spot that title of this post?

It's all about 6th of April 2012...

If you are following me on my twitter, then you will know that I am having my Math of Engineering test on that day. Anyway, it is not a BIG deal after all. What's make me more excited is we opted < SEOUL GARDEN> as our lunch+dinner of the day. We went there after settled down by handing in our last assignment in Semester 2.

So, let the pictures do the talking since baby boy want me to sleep early... ^^

We found our seat..

Here goes our Not-Spicy-Soup
Chicken Soup ^^

... The world of gastronomy ...

I love Kimchi fervidly so it's inevitable that I asked boyfie
 to keep refilling the bowl full with KIMCHI~

Meat that can't gone missing during BBQ

Baby boy's All Time Favourite

The first ingredients that we put into the soup
I didn't eat any of them
Not feeling of eating them...

This is what I'm craving for !
ROAR !!!

Ignore our dirty table
We eat #likeakid not #likeaboss

<US> with my bloated stomach after a table of scrumptious and delectable foods!

Well, I had done with my blogging time. It's time for me to turn in early before I start transforming into a Panda...LOL :) Starting tomorrow I'm going to do more exercises on every subject to prove that I'm assiduous ! Got to goooo ! Buh-Bye ~ 

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