Sunday, July 20, 2014

Review - Blast Off The Germs with Bloop!

HYGIENE is very crucial in our daily life 

I bet everyone knows how important is hygiene related to our health. Without a cleanliness lifestyle, human beings are prone in exposing to all of of sickness. No one wants this to happen right? So in order to have a healthy lifestyle, start it from our bare hands! Yup, I meant HANDS! Our hands are full of bacteria where we get it from anything we touch, hold, rub and etc. GERMS are everywhere! 

I'm quite stumbled with this tiny and  handy hand sanitizer that I got it from HiShop-Bloop! I don't carry hand sanitizer in my handbag before coz of the fragrance that doesn't please my nose. But, this is acceptable and fret not! Bloop germs blaster comes in 5 different scents for you to choose. Personally, I love this <Professor Germ Blaster>! 

Details printed on the hand sanitizer (:

Close up pic so that you can have a clearer view!

Review on Bloop Germ Blaster:

1. Leaves skin with lightly scented
2. Non-sticky (Hmm...Soft)
3. Gives moisture to skin
4. Get rids of those tackiness dirt! (99.9% of germs active cleansing blue beads)

The above 5 characters are the Bloop Health Warriors who kills 99.9% of germs!
Don't you feel like getting all of these hand sanitizers? Aren't they look cute and tempting for you to own one so that it can be placed in each of your bags? Each of this just costs RM4.90. Cheap huh? 

That's not the end! There are also 5 different holder designs for you to look stunning while carrying it out. Yes, stunning and fashionable! Each holder costs you only RM12.90. I personally love the forth one-elephant which is in tiffany blue color! Bright pink as the background of the holder. Omggggg! My favourite color combination. 

Don't leave yet, babes. There is a good news before I end this review. 

What's that? Wanna know? Scroll down....

You can collect all of the germs blaster hand sanitizers in one pack with just only RM24.50 plus you will get a F.O.C cute holder too! Worth it huh? Don't wait any longer! Head over to the links provided below and get all of them now.

You may key in <ESTHER>  to enjoy an exclusive 15% rebate before checking out on your shopping cart at HiShop

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