Saturday, March 16, 2013

180313 - A memorable Day Out with Loves

Hello. This will be another mouth full with saliva post. YESSSS! A FOOD POST STRIKES MY BLOG AGAIN! Prepare yourself with a box of tissues ya. :P Come on! Continue reading, don't close the tab pretty pleasee :x 

It's a girls date @ Anmour Cafe nearby Sutera Mall. Just feel like want to hang out with my girls before everyone going back to their university in different states. So, when girls meets girls there a never ending talk #girlsbeinggirls Who never face this problem, huh? ^^ While waiting for the foods to come after we did our order, of course it's time for photo bombing. 
 From left : Nichele , PauLin and Yours Truly
 Cute Nichele with her sexy tongue out
WiuWittt ~ ^^
PauLin & Yours Truly

When the foods came, camera out in action!
*Snap snap snap*
 So-called starter - Buns with don't-know-what-sauce
Honey Lemon Tea ( I guessed )
 PauLin's Carbonara - Nicest Carbonara I've ever tasted!
Better than the big portion I tried at Ben's, KLCC.
No offence cuz I hardly managed to finish anything full of cheese.
 Nichele's - Mini Pork + Chicken Burgers
Mine - Chicken + Pineapple Burger

Overall, I personally think that their foods are in a very big portion. If you go there with the girls, better order lesser cuz you might not be able to finish all the foods you ordered. So, thumbs up for everything provided to us there. Comfy environment and slow WiFi :p Anyway, I will go back and to try out others in the menu (: 

[AD] YNOT Graffiti Competition by RW Genting ❤

Are you a graffiti art enthusiasts? If yes, there is a superb competition waiting for you to say "Yo yo yo! I'm a graffiti art enthusiast. Y.Not you give me your precious vote?" Haha (: RW Genting is giving out chances to young people community, where they could express themselves by painting Genting's Outdoor Theme Park with art! WOW!! That's great, right? You can left your artwork there and anyone include your friends and family members who visit Genting knows that painting is YOURS! Want to know more about this competition? Come on! Scroll and read this interesting post ^^

Before I start elaborating this competition exhaustively, do you know what is 'graffiti art' ? Graffiti art is writing or drawings that have been scribbled, scratched or sprayed illicitly on a wall or other surface in a public place. Understand it by now? :p Want to browse through some masterpieces that prepared by 3 colleges and 2 artists?

IACT Jalan University
 IACT Jalan Barat
 Alpha Jalan Semantan
Alpha Lebuh Bandar Utama
 Aswara Jalan Ampang
Aswara Jalan Pudu
Chekri Jalan Raja Chulan
Nazmi Jalan Sultan Ismail

Awesome? Enjoy yourself with those artistic graffiti artwork, right? Hehe (: All of these masterpieces are installed in 8 bus stops around Klang Valley. If you are not a graffiti artist, that's fine! RW Genting will pick few lucky ones and bring them up to the breezy place *Genting Highland! It's just a simple task if you want to be the lucky one. What you need to do if you feel bored while waiting for the bus? Come on! Take a picture of yourself with any of those masterpieces and tag #Resorts World Genting . 

Find out more about the YNot- Sparks your Creativity with Graffiti contest

 Attractive prizes up to RM 40,000 waiting for you! Grab it, babeh!  

I had voted for them, have you? If no, go to the their Facebook YNot Graffiti App now! They need your vote, readers. 

There are categorised into two categories - Student Category and Open Category. Vote for them ya ^^

By reading this post, I hope it won't get you feel bored! :x If you wish to know about this, you may visit the links I shared here.

RW Genting's official website :


RW Genting's Facebook page :

Have fun voting ya (: 

Gonna hit the sack now >.<

Friday, March 15, 2013

150313 ❤ CNY 2013

Annyeong! Gonna blog about my CNY day out with my lovely girlfriends. I know this is an outdated post which I should blog about it right after CNY. But, I'm busy moving in to new condo. So, it had delayed every schedule in my life ): 

Back to the topic, we headed out quite late like in the afternoon (around 1pm). Coz the driver slept late.   Guess who is the driver? Scroll down and you will find out who is the driver. ^^ *evil smile* 
Tadahh! That's me - Yours truly
Candid shot by JunJia - The dimple girl
Everyone waited for me at LuYi's aka The Prettiest Lady's house.
This is my Mandarin Orange's basket
 We are shooting for Running Man's video while we headed to Lynnie's house
Cool right?
 The Babyy 蚯蚓 aka Mr.Cacing

The girls' shoot

From left : BaoJuan, JunJia , Yours Truly , PauLin , Nichele , Janice and LuYi
 A must have photo - The Group Photo
 So difficult for us to capture a photo that those babies are not moving around
Babyy Louis in checker shirt
Babyy Gavin in red T-shirt
Don't misunderstand all these babies are not our baby.
They are nephew ^^
She is so pity cuz she's having her period during the fifth day of CNY

I like this pic very much cuz my legs look longer than in reality

Thursday, March 14, 2013

140313 - Universal Studio Singapore Trip 2 ❤

Yes! Finally the last draft which I haven't update it to my blog! It's about my USS with loved ones. I think I went USS on last January if not mistaken lar. Bad luck on that day coz we didn't purchase the entrance tickets earlier. The people queuing at the counter are totally unexpected! We thought there will be lesser tourists since we went there on weekday not weekend ): Made the wrong decision! 

There are so sexy. I wished to have their long, fair and sexy legs! Can I? :x

My loved - Baby Elmo & Cookies Monster
BabyyLouis #Take 1
BabyyLouis #Take 2

Drizzle rain right after we visited the Elmo store! Bad luck,huh?! So, everything stops functioning. Technical problems or due to the drizzle rain and thunder. See the queue, crazy? (:
Rain had stopped and clear sky is there without a lovely rainbow ):
I must take pic with this during my next trip to USS! It's a MUST!
BabyyLouis #Take 3

After walking for so long, we had our dinner there. Bought one Elmo's cupcake.

Elmo & Cookies Monster's cookies
BabyyLouis with his burger
Mine but totally forgot what I ate. Something to do with Chicken
BabyyLouis #Take 4
BabyyLouis #Take 5
BabyyLouis #Take 6
I missed out this coz my mum doesn't allow me to sit coz dangerous and is raining that time. Will get wet if I insist to play! ): Must play this next time.
Me with the dark circles and serious eye bags! Argghh! Lack of sleep! ):

Wait for me!
I will be there again this year!