Saturday, July 6, 2013

❤ A Day Out with Buddies

Before I blog about my Mivva Beauty Box which I received a day ago, I think I need to blog about a food post since is lunch time now! (: So, don't whack me of posting all these scrumptious food pictures ya :P I didn't meant it, just to share with you guys. As the saying goes, "Sharing is Caring"

By the way, I'm not into any fashion post since I don't doll myself like other girls. Maybe can say that I'm lazy and I'm not as pretty as others. :D Anyway, I love food and love to enjoy the moment of eating all the good foods. That's why most of my blog posts are more to food rather than fashion nor make up stuffs. Fyi, I don't apply any skincare products on my face so skip the part of make up. What I love the most is Foods, Perfumes and Shopping! #girlsbeinggirls

Back to the topic, as it is very obvious once you read the title of this post. You already got to know that I went out with my friends. They are Chai Peng aka CCP, Sam, Shea Hao and Reynold. CCP drove us all the way from Setapak to Pavilion. From searching the parking lot which must near to the entrance that leads us to the shopping mall. Safer and colder! We went straight to Tokyo Street for Cafe Takahashi to have brunch together. Let's the pictures say ^^

 Beef Bacon Spaghetti - I love this so much ^^
 Chicken Mushrooms Spaghetti - Little bit salty
Wedges - Not bad
 Chicken Teriyaki Burger - It tastes weird! But, still nice
 Top view of the burger
 Ebi ( Fried Prawns ) Burger for CCP 
 Close up picture of this Ebi Burger
 CCP and yours truly by using Iphone5's front camera
It looks good quality through the phone but once I uploaded it to my pc, hmm ~

Next station after walking around in the mall, they decided to follow my advice to have tea time at Komugi Cafe which is just next to Cafe Takahashi. I heard and go through lot of reviews from many bloggers. They seems like visit here often. Anyway, I personally think their service is good enough. Cuz the waitress came to our table to and fro for many times. They have the patience that which is a MUST in every waiter/waitress. Do pay them a visit if you go Pavilion ya (: 

My hot chocolate with a special request of Hello Kitty artwork on my drink 

Sam's Cafe Latte with Totoro artwork. Cute leh?

So, this is when The Hello Kitty meets The Totoro (: Say hello to them! 

It's time for some mouth-watering cakes as our main dishes there

Left : Strawberry cheesecake Right : Blackberry cake if not mistaken

Their cakes are YUMMEHHH! Sam said it is way better than Ben's cakes. 
I never try Ben's desserts so I've no idea how it tastes. 

A picture with the tall CCP and short me in Superman store.

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Love you