Wednesday, February 27, 2013


Annyeong! I need to force myself to blog little bit even though I have nothing to blog. At least my daily life update, right?

So, this is my a small corner if my study table in my new room. Amazed? Full of sweets which can make me stay awake when I'm studying. ^^

Tuesday, February 26, 2013

❤ 260213

I'm so sorry that I couldn't update my blog daily or weekly. Midterm tests are coming which are happening on next week! But, I have done no preparations for it. >.< Pray hard for me that I can manage them even though is last minute work!

Anyway, I'm now updating my blog by using blogger mobile app. My first time using it maybe. Coz it seems so NEW to me!

This is a sinful post for everyone. I'm going to upload all of the foods pics that I ate lately. Lunch hour is over so I bet everyone is already full and won't blame me on posting these sumptuous food pics, right?

P/S : I bought something for myself this year. Guess it at the last pic of this post ya! :)

It's Over!

Wow!! CNY 2013 is over. Why the time flies so fast just in a blink of eyes? I haven't enjoy enough. More holidays for me please. * sobsob*

How's your CNY? Share it out with me ya~ ^^