Thursday, June 27, 2013

❤ Korean Foods - 古来亭

Annyeonghaseyo~ Last week I went to Ampang to have Korean dinner. We drove around that few shop lots to search and decide which Korean restaurants we are interested at. Then, we ended up at 'Go Rae Jung' which is the first Korean stone BBQ restaurant in Malaysia. 

What we had ordered to fill up our empty hungry stomach : 
 Refillable side dishes
Lettuces to wrap the BBQ meats
 Soup as side dish
 Steamed eggs with spring onions as side dish too
 2 sets of kimchi soup with steamed rice for Sam and Shea Hao
Each costs RM18 ^^

Wine Marinated Pork Belly - RM25
Three-ply Pork - RM20
 This is what I wrapped and stuffed into my mouth! 
Om nom nom nom~
 Bibimbap served in Hot Stone Pot for Reynold - RM20
 Rice Top with Vegetables for me - RM18
Bad quality iPhone4s front camera of yours truly with the menu! 

1-G Jalan Excella 1,
Taman Ampang Hilir,
55100 KL.

For reservation:
Tel: 03-42709794
H/P: 017-8898074

Sunday, June 23, 2013

❤ Laduree is Awesome

I bet most of you will get more interested about the contents of this post once you read the title, right? Cuz Laduree is way too 'seducing' all the desserts lover out there! Anyway, this is also another outdated post which happened on the 10th of May 2013 (: Forgive me for being such a failed blogger! 

Little story about the Laduree Paris (:

Sorry of the too exposed light!
Look at the vintage design of the box and the paper bag, pretty?
I bought a box pastry of 12 pcs macaroon 

Little booklet of the flavors available at the store
*Click to enlarge*
We chose 2 pcs of pistachio as it is the best seller worldwide!

1. Mum said "Too sweet, can't take it!"
2. Brother said "Just normal only lar! Why need to buy in Singapore? Any pastry shop have it, right?"
3. Little brother said "Not bad leh, but expensive lor!"
4. I said "One bite costs RM10 but is worth it once in a blue moon! If always, then NO NO NO."

391, Orchard Road #02-09
Takashimaya Shopping Centre
Ngee Ann City
Singapore 238872


❤ New Stuff for May

Fuhhhhh~ *Blowing away the dusts overwhelming here* 
Sorry for the hiatus. I've no idea why I can't find time to update my blog. But since I had promised that die die I must update my blog during this weekend. Back to the topic, I bought this cuz I have a RM50 discount vouvher from Machine. I just need to top up another RM59, cheap huh? Look at the pictures of my new earpods (:


Madly in love with the sound effect! The sound bass is superb than the original iPhone4s' earphone. If I increase to the maximum volume, I can hardly or can say no interrupting noise from the surrounding. So, usually I will just tune it to 4 or 5 times lesser than the maximum volume. It sounds great too! 

If you are already an iPhone5 user, so use it wisely and for those who are not, faster go grab yourself  this at any nearby Machine stores! Cool enough to rock the music!

Monday, June 3, 2013

❤ 五代同糖

Back in action like finally I can update my blog since I'm outside online now! Sorry for the hiatus. I'm here to update another outdated post which happened last month >.< It is a girl outing and to have girls talk~ Nichele, Pau Lin and I decided to meet up! Actually this is the last minute decision to visit 五代同糖. Cuz my bestie, Pau Lin date me out while I'm cooking dinner at home. She will picked me up at 7pm! Too rush, girl! But, we made it though~ #girlsbeinggirls 

Pictures will say it all ^^

5 Dessert Tong Tang @ Mount Austin, JB
By the way, I have to say sorry that I had forgot about the name of each dessert we ordered. I will just describe how's the taste and what's inside it. #failedblogger 

Volcano of strawberries which is full of cream and it is filled with ice-cream
We don't really like it actually cuz it is too creamy!

I think this will look familiar to all of you.
Chocolate lava which the chocolate will melt once you break or make a hole at the cake
Oppssss! Sorry if it makes you drool now.

Strawberries crepe and it is filled with crepe
It tastes yummy seriously! Must go for it!
Not too sweet cuz the strawberries is a little bit sour.
Strongly recommended, readers! <3

Lastly, we do take pictures but most of the photos are in my Iphone and are blurred. So, this is the best capture among all. End up chose this to upload here.
Nichele and yours truly

Don't be sad, Pau Lin~
Next time will take pictures together and remember don't use Iphone's front camera anymore ah~
XoXo (:

五代同糖 / 5 Dessert Tong Tang
21,Jalan Austin Height 3,
Taman Mount Austin,
81100 Tebrau, Johor.


Opening Hours:
12:00pm till 1:00am