Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Nothing, Just DROOL ❤

Hi readers! Sorry for the hiatus. I'm currently in my final exam week which I just sat for the first paper this morning :x I did promised at Twitter that I will be blogging about this last few days or a week ago. But, I'm busy revising and my life is like a mess now! In order to cure your 'tiredness of waiting' me to update my super dead blog, I tried to make a food post instead of I left my blog here with full of spider webs. Hope you guys will bear with me all this while cuz I'm really busy this few weeks! 

Advanced technology is so trending! And everyone is holding smartphones, gadgets like Ipad, Galaxy Tab and so forth. What's make all these gadgets look useful? You know? It is when at the dining table where everyone is taking out their hp or camera once the foods are served! So, I'm just following the trend since I can have this chance to update my blog like what I did now (:

Hehe~  photo emoticon26_zps180b3bd5.jpg There'll be lots of food pics and I'm here to make you feel hungry and drool at this hour! 
Are you ready?
I don't care >.< 
Gonna share now~

Bear Paw @ Setapak is like so HOT in KL! Even people at Segi Damansara want to try it. So, I was like Oh My Gawd!! Seriously? :O Give it a try again then! Anyway, my first time trying this is on July 2012 and this is just my second time of eating it. It is so near to my house but I won't go there since I had tried it. Maybe because I'm lazy, I think.
We ordered four sets. Each set is RM9.90 and the beverages are from the Fresh Tea Series! Not bad. The price is still consider reasonable.
 Cute huh?

 I ordered whole bread bun, Chicken chop with Thai sauce.

Bee Won Korean Restaurant @ KL Festive Mall! Yes, I'm here again. Do you feel like I always mentioned this place either in my Twitter or here? I like Korean foods more than Asian cuisine. I can't find any reasons for me not to like Korean foods! ^^

The refillable side dishes make me love Korean foods more than any other cuisines!

And this time we ordered Pork belly to BBQ! Juicy~ 
 Korean sushi- Bibimbap
 Korean Rice cakes - Topokki
 Chap Chae 

U-Cafe @ Wangsa Walk
Bottomless 100% watermelon juice ( RM9.90 ) 
I drank three glasses of it! So, consider worth it bah!
 Japanese Styled Fried Rice 
 Pineapple Rice
 Soft Shell Crab Fried Glass Noodle
Asam Laksa 
This is super worth it cuz of the size! Big and tasty! :)
Spring Chicken 八宝 Fried Rice

Ok! That's all for this food post. Do you feel hungry after looking at these scrumptious foods? If yes, please don't hate me! Cuz I really have nothing to blog recently ):

Gonna start revising now!


Thursday, April 18, 2013

Weekend Getaway with Bloggers @ Genting Highlands ❤

Hellooo! I'm back from Genting for the YNot Graffiti Art Finale Competition which I went last weekend. By the way, this is my first event I joined which is organised by Nuffnang (: Hope I can get more invites to other events in the future. 

Back to the topic, every of the bloggers and their partners are given this tag. This tag is like our privilege passes of getting the chance of entering to the Outdoor Themepark and restaurants! #likeaboss 

Kinda sunny during the first day when we are up at Genting Highland. But, luckily Genting is always with breezy and cold wind! Phewww~
Our main purpose why we are cordially invited to this event 
Look at those artists.
They sprayed it by using their own creativity!
BMX showcase
Hitz.FM having their live broadcasting at there as well
^^ Live broadcasting by JinnyBoy
Dance performance by:
Elecoldxhot & Fix
I did snapped lot of their photos but it is too much till I don't even know which to upload. 
So, I will just let you guys watch their dance moves which I recorded using my iPhone4s
Bear with the bad qualities ya~
Just focus on the handsome & awesome dancers!
I don't know why I'm attracted by this art work so much
My tiring look with the art work =.=
RW Genting is so kind! Cuz they provide us with FREE transportation, accommodation and foods :) Great, huh? Big claps to RW Genting and Nuffnang! Without them, I will not be able to enjoy myself so much at Genting. Don't forget to vote for your favorite art work here

Let's see how's my room at Genting,

The room is so spacious unlike the one that I stayed before! Small till I can't even find a walking path.
Sony Plasma TV which is hanging on the wall
Half of the toilet
And there's also a dressing table with hair dryer.
I did brought along my own hair dryer cuz I scared they did not provide us one in the room

Genting is also having Songkran Festival where there are Thai Foods street, Thai performance in Arena Stars and Bubbles bath! Let's see the pictures ^^

Oooopppsss! Oooopppsss! Sexy ladies~

Don't worry! There are guy models too + a little pretty lady model~
Let's ROCK & ROLL with the bubbles!

Spot that Mr. Darren from Nuffnang? 
With his 'Yeahhh' facial expression :D
From left: Will, me & Christine 

While we are up at Genting, we are being served like a queen or king cuz we feasted non-stop! Eating lavishly from Happy Valley Seafood Restaurant -> Coffee Terrace -> First World cafe -> Resort Cafe
Assorted foods for our breakfast, lunch and dinner! Thanks ya~ I won't do any captions on every food pictures. So, let's the pictures speak!


Last but not least, thank you Nuffnang for inviting me to this special event at Genting. 
Mwahhhh ^^
Bye Bye for now!
Gonna prepare for my final exam now! 
Goodnight, peeps ^^