Wednesday, January 1, 2014

[Review] Mega Alpha Alpha Fish Collagen 200,000mg

Hey yo hey yo! All the ladies who love being beautiful out there, please look here (: Coz I'm going to do a product review and you might be interested. Why not spend some of your precious time with me? Hmm~ I received this big parcel from HiShop about a month plus ago. Thanks again HiShop for giving me the chance to try out Mega Alpha Alpha Fish Collagen 200,000mg ^^ 

Back to the topic, I guessed most of the ladies will be wondering what's actually collagen is? And what's the importance of it to us? Tadah~ So, I'm here to solve your curiosity. 

What's Collagen?
It is the most abundant body protein that is found in mammals. Besides, collagen fibers are the major constituents of connective tissues, skin, tendons, cartilage and bones. You might feel yucks and think it is edible. Collagen is an insoluble protein, fully digestible where Peptan collagen peptides are 97% pure proteins made of all essential amino acids. It contents low sugar and carbohydrate products. In addition, peptan collagen peptides are made from fish skin or bovine hide from stock farm-bred for human consumption. The most importance function of collagen is it helps to maintain the structural integrity and the mechanical properties of tissues and organs in our body.

Every girl will reached a stage called aging which we'll grow older and wrinkles can be found on our face. Yes, it is super unwilling but it still irresistible. This will caused our collagen production decreased. Other than aging process, hormonal changes, drugs, alcohol, processed food, white sugar, hydrogenated oils, overwork, radiation, fluoridated water, excess sun, nutritional deficits, dehydration, stress and trauma. Out of 15, as a city girl I got 9! Oh my gawd! That's serious, huh? 
What will happen as collagen production decrease?
  • Muscles and skin sag
  • Bones lose density
  • Joints and ligaments become weaker and less elastic.
  • Cartilage becomes thinner and weaker at the joint.
  • Hair loses its wave or curl or thickness and skin becomes thinner and it wrinkles.
The scoop that is provided in this is way too big! I was shocked when I saw it. So, from the instructions, it is advisable to consume 1 to 2 scoops (5-10g) daily by adding it into drink of warm or cold beverages.
As you can see from the picture above, this collagen is not like other collagen drink coz it is in powdery form. So, it is advisable to drink it together with your favourite beverage. As for me, I prefer to have it in a warm ribena drink. Oh ya! Once I opened the cap of this collagen, like seriously I couldn't bear the smell. But, it goes perfect when I paired it with a cup of ribena! It tastes super yummy yummy yum yum :p And I didn't taste any of that horrible smell! I had this collagen drink every night before I go to bed after a tiring working day. This is because the peak period of repair and generation is during the first two hours of sleep which is known as alpha cycle. Besides, do remember to drink plenty of water, 1-2 litres per day if taking collagen internally.

Before 3 weeks,
My eyebag, dark circles and dry skin are all my severe problems.
How I wished to have a better fair complexion and less sensitive yet dry skin ):
After 3 weeks,
Just feel that my dry skin at the side of the nose and cheeks are getting better each day if compared to the first day result. 
P/S: The pictures of before & after are without any photo app editing. Originally from camera ^^

I almost consumed it for about three weeks and to be honest, I thought that I'm not going to continue consuming it after I tried for about one week. Most probably is because the results are not that obvious yet. Maybe due to my working life in air-conditioned shop and sleepless nights. But, what I can feel is that my skin gets smoother and there's no sudden big break out of pimples on my face even though I just have less than 5 hours sleep. So, I shall continue consuming it since I had a full sized of this collagen drink which worth RM198. Can't wait to see the result after I finished the whole jar. Do not waste ya (: 

Anyway, I'm still satisfied with the results! Mad love. Hooray~ ^^ 

Rating : 

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