Saturday, August 25, 2012

Antipodean Cafe ❤

*Ahem Ahem* Anyone out there? (: Yeap!! Food post again. I wished to blog about travelling post or shopping haul post. But, I can't ! For me, food comes first than shopping this month. What I can only do in this month is just spending money on foods! That's why most of my posts this month are about foods ^^ hehehe.

Yesterday, babyboy and I decided to try Antipodean Cafe @ Bangsar. I had read quite a number of blog post regarding this breakfast/brunch place. They keep raving about how yummy is it! The best part of this cafe is they serve breakfast all day long. So, I have no worries if I woke up late. I reached there around 2pm. A lot of people in that cafe. Luckily we still managed to get a table for 2 pax. ^^ 

The speciality of this cafe is they have no booklet of menu. Their menu is written on the wall/chalk board. Pretty cool,huh? Looks kinda weird!

 Babyboy ordered All Day Breakfast
Bacon + Scramble Eggs + Baked beans + Toast

 As for me, I ordered Big Breakfast
Beef sausage + Mushrooms + Hashbrown + Toast + Scramble eggs
I gave that toast and hashbrown to babyboy coz I hate potatoes and I don't eat toast... 
 It's real big breakfast (:
 Falling in love with their button mushrooms...
Gonna try to cook this one day if I'm free. lol.
 Fresh orange juice for me
Soda lime for babyboy
Random pic taken on that day :
Me playing with the beef sausage and act it as my moustache!

Outfit :
Simple & Casual Tees from Nichii
Bracelet from online 

Thursday, August 23, 2012

Charlie Brown Cafe ❤

Hey guys! Raya holiday has ended and mine was splendid because I did spent it wisely with my family members and girlfriends... Eventhough I fell sick right after I went back to my hometown >.< Sorethroat and fever in the next morning! =.=''' Anyway, I didn't care much about my sickness coz holidays are meant for spending times with loved ones! ^^

Back to the topic, finally I got the chance to visit this theme restaurant in KLCC today!!! The Charlie Brown Cafe  I'm just in love with how they decorate the cafe! I know I'm too outdated for this... ): No one willing to accompany me to this cafe before coz it is 'so-not-guy-style'! ^^ Since we're just planning to have a cup of hot chocolate during the rainy day, so why not I choose Charlie Brown Cafe rather than Ben's hot chocolate which I have tried... ^^ Gonna try something new before world ends! =D

What I captured in this cafe (:
Our table 
 The back view of their chairs :)
 Another table printed with the Charlie Brown ^^
 The school bus ^^
Too bad! "Section Closed" ):
 After ordered at the counter ^^
While waiting our drinks to be served...
Go snap around the cafe ~  
 The Charlie Brown's growth chart in every 10 years !
With the same shirt and height >.<''' 
 At the right side of the wall just after you entered the entrance :P
 2 little 'kids' placed on the bar table ^^
 The Snoopy's growth chart from 1950's to 1990's :)
 Here comes our hot chocolates 
 Close up ! Nice? >.< #shyshy
 The picture that I shared in my Instagram :)
Do follow : babyyesther 
 Ignore my fat fat look =.=''' 

A weird picture (everyone is looking at me while babyboy is taking this photo) of myself to end my post ! :)


Sunday, August 19, 2012

180812 - Sinful Food Post ❤

Smile to end your Sunday and stay happy with the Raya holiday...One semester is going to end and fianl exam is on my week 15... Yet I've done nothing! Gonna start now before everything turns into a <Bad Sign> for me! So, I need to clear all the pending post and imma combine all the food pics in one post.. Bear with me coz I don't wish to be like that too... No choice! Lack of time for me to prepare for my final~ >.<''' 

 Lunch at Bee Won Korean Restaurant, KL Festival City Mall *4 Aug 2012 :
 Soon Du Bu set for me 

 The side dish which is refillable :)
All-Time-Fav : Kimchi

Outing with BabyBoy & Sam @ Ben's, Pavilion *8 Aug 2012 :
 I ordered hot chocolate as my dinner :)
 BabyBoy's Musroom burger 

Sushi Zanmai with BabyBoy at Fahrenheit88 *11 Aug 2012 :
 BabyBoy's Kimuchi soup - Mini steamboat 
 Oysters for BabyBoy - come together with the Kimuchi soup 
 Seafood Treasure for me 
My favourite nigiri sushi - Ika Sushi 

Sweetness killing our teeth at Face to Face,Setapak *13 Aug 2012 :

❤ Stay tune 

Friday, August 17, 2012

120812 Uncle Jang Korean Restaurant ❤

#TGIF Yeah ! It's Friday..I've been through this few weeks with a stressful lifestyle till I felt like there's no tomorrow for me ! I feel like dying and pretty thanks to those lecturers who 'tortured' us for these 14 weeks! God bless me that I'm still managed to blog a little while before I can 'finally' go back to my hometown.. FYI : I didn't go back to my hometown since last Father's Day !!!! Anyway, after the escapade to Redang Island, my only entertainment is just EATING ^^ 

Okay..Gonna stop with all these craps and start with my lovely last Sunday date with Uncle Jang Korean Restaurant @ Ampang

I've been reading other blogger's post regarding this Korean Restaurant.. It is not the Korean BBQ that we used to eat routinely...So how can I missed out this chance and just give it a try ! I would say I will visit them again most probably when I go back to my hometown later... There's a Uncle Jang Korean Restaurant near Tesco @ Bukit Indah, JB ! Proud to be Johorian... ^^ A short outings with BabyBoy's family members :) 

 We ordered Spicy Dak Galbi (닭갈비) for 3 persons :) But, there is 4 of us that day.. So, they serve big portion for their customers ^^ Worth it ~ 
Cabbages as the main dish I think.. Big portion of it if compared with others >.<
 * Close up *
 Cabbage,chewy texture of korean rice cakes,marinated chicken cubes,Gochujang sauce and I don't know what is that long one called.. ^^
 If you think you're not good in cooking, don't worry as the waiters around are the ones who's doing most of the job! Just watch and prepare to enjoy your meal..
 Besides, you can add on anything you like from the menu which just cost you RM6 per add-on ^^
 So, we choose needle mushrooms and ramen :) That ramen give me an great impression that it is Maggi Mee and it doesn't look like Ramen... Lol
 Ready to eat !!! ^^
They do served condiments: Lettuce for wrapping, pickled onions and kimchi (my all-time-fav)!
 You have to finish 2/3 of your meal, you can order for their signature fried rice... 
Quite nice :)
This is for 2 persons portions ! Too full already, so we forced ourselves to finish this ^^

Do pay a visit if you want to try Dak Galbi ^^

Address : 
Uncle Jang Korean Restaurant
D7 Jalan Excella III, Excella III,
Off Jalan Ampang Putra,
Taman Ampang Hilir,
55100 Kuala Lumpur
Tel: 03-80512208
Puchong Branch:
No 1-1, Jalan Puteri 1/7,
Bandar Puteri Puchong,
47100 Selangor.
Tel: 03-80512208
Mont Kiara Branch:
11-3, Solaris Mont Kiara,
Jalan Solaris 1, Solaris Mont Kiara,
50480, Kuala Lumpur.
TEL: 03-62112536
(above Maybank)

Business Hours:
Mon: 12:00 pm – 3:00 pm, 6:00 pm – 11:00 pm
Tues:6:00 pm – 11:00 pm,
Wed – Fri: 12:00 pm – 3:00 pm, 6:00 pm – 11:00 pm

Do check out their FB page for more info & ongoing Promotions

Sunday, August 12, 2012

Getaway to Redang ❤

Redang Island is a nice place to relax actually but I didn't really enjoy myself there.... Coz Fluid Mechanics tagged along and stay in my luggage ): Kinda sad and stressful trip ! Put the blames on that 'GOOD' and 'GREAT' subject I had... Without procrastinating your eyes to look and bring yourself into the pictures of Redang Island, so c'mon babies! ^^

Let's start from the very beginning of the trip ~

At Terengganu Jetty 
Spotted me who is sleeping #likeaboss
Walking to the chalet (:
Spot that island ? There is the only area where baby sharks will go !
Unfortunately, I didn't went there and all THANKS to the strong wave~ :(
 Captured this on the bridge that linked to Redand Reef Resort ^^
 Seaside which is located at Redang Reef...
The workers said at night, we can see blue eyes on the sand ! 
We never see lots of blue eyes...
We managed to find one or two on the other beach :(
Sad thing,huh?
 Many foreigners waiting for the BIG wave to come !
Enjoy ~
 Crystal clear seawater ! ^^

This is where we spotted few little tiny blue eyes at night
Located opposite our chalet..
Snorkelling time, people ! 
No bikinis coz the weather is super hot and it can even cooked an egg ! *TrustMe*
At Marine Park 
A swarm of fishes swimming around the people ! So scary :X
 A MUST have things on the sea bed in order to let the fishes to survive!
 Feeding the fishes with bread ! 
They love BREADS !!! 
 See that ?! 
So "GELI" when you touch them suddenly!
 Do you guys know what's this? 
It will bloom at night and 'sleep' during the day ~
Here you go , The Starfish =D
 Waiting for the sunrise 
 Tadaaaaa ~ 
Madly in with this picture 
 In the evening, waiting for dinner to be served ! 

 Sunglasses shoot ~ 
 The next morning before the trip ends 
 More More Tea House 
 BabyBoy wrote this on the beach 
Love you too,dear !
Quotes that made our days in Redang Island ~ 

 Human pics before I end this post ~ 
 FatFat BabyBoy with baby Louis 
Baby Louis is imitating the style of the squirrel, cute ? ^^  
 I asked him to smile cheerfully !!! 
So, ends up his eyes became straight line ~ 
 You jump, I jump, babeh ! 
Your truly 

Gonna turn in early since babyboy's mummy is coming tomorrow ! ^^ 
Goodnight :)