Thursday, June 30, 2011

✿ BaKeRy seSSioN @ hOmE ✿

Oh my god ~ i'm effing lazy to update all my pending posts ahhhhhhh ~~~ but ...i can't leave all the pictures "staying" alone in my hp or camera ... Pity them ~ So...i'm here to blog about the cakes or cookies that we baked....My sister and i did all the jobs ~ 

Pandan Jelly layer cake ~
Nice ~ ^^ Love it ~~~

Cookies & Crisp Chocolate ~
The two above are made few weeks ago ~  >.<'''

My sis saw me took pictures of those ingredients ~
The 38 sis wanna joined ~ 

This is the Chocolate Moist Cake ~
It is SUPERB ~ 
Love it the most ~ 

Extra chocolate ~
Hubby & i ate it with marshmallows ~
Haha XD

This Chocolate Moist Cake we baked it yesterday ( night ) 
Around 10 pm ....

Here you go ~
Down here are what i did today ( 30th June )

I did enjoy my life after finish my studies ~ 
Anyway ...
It won't last longer ~
I'm going to find jobs after my Tioman Island trip on yhis coming July ~

Stay tune ~

♥ ♥ 

✿ DuRiaNs + SoMe BaBy CuTe sTuFFs ✿

Hey Hey Hey ~ I'm here again ... < Here i'm ..Once again ~ > Wakakaka XD Simply ~ Just finished baking cakes with my lovely sister .... I will upload the pictures later .... Still left few pending posts to update ... I think ~  Hmmm ~ What should i start with ? I couldn't recall back every single things .... When and where ? Sorry ~ Because all these posts are actually about 1 month ago.... So... I just upload the pictures .... ^^ 

The baby stuffs all very cute , right ? I didn't buy ~ =.=''' I still don't need them ~ anyway ... I like them lots ~

Stay tune ya ~ Will update 1 or 2 posts later ~   

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

✿ SuShi KinG + KoReAn BBQ @ CS ✿

Hi guys ~ I'm here again to update all the pending posts one by one ... Oh my Lady Gaga ~ @.@ A lots to type ... Can i just upload all the pictures ? Then let the pictures do the elaboration ? Just imagine what's going on ~ 
Please...Please...Please.... ^^

We went World of Cartoons to buy little Louis 's long pants .... He grew up taller ...

Next station : Sushi King as lunch ( 1st choice restaurant in my family )

Next station : Korean BBQ as dinner ( 1st time )

Stay tune peeps ~


✿ MaLaCCa HoLiDaY oN 30 MaY 2011 ✿

Ahn-Nyeong ~ I'm sorry for not being efficient to update my deadly blog since my last post .....
Hmmm ~ I don't have time to update my blog is all credited to my FINAL EXAM .... happily to announce that i had FINISHED my life at that place ....Where would be my next university ~ IMU ? *Considering ~~ *

Back to the title of this post ....
After that blog i pasted on top .... I went Malacca to give a "FAILED" surprise to my hubby's mummy ... Because she already knew about our visit ...Haha XD ....Kinda happy to see their expressions that day.... 
* Acting like they don't know about our surprising visit ~ *

After that , we drove to Malacca town to have our dinner ... I had forgotten that name of the restaurant ... It is somewhere located near the ALOHA ... ^^

The menu is as follow ....

♥ Braised Bean Curd With Minced Meat in ' Sze Chuan ' sauce 麻婆豆腐

Fried Mui Choy and Kai Lan 梅菜炒芥兰

Sambal Squid 山岜苏冬

Minced Pork With Salted Fish 咸鱼蒸肉饼

Vegetable soup 菜汤 

As usual... 31st of May = 31% off for BR .... Because hubby promised will bring me to go and eat BASKIN ROBINS ice-cream .... So... We off to Malacca Jusco ...^^

Pint = Green Tea ( Hubby's sister = Riben )
Quartz = Mint + Chocholate ( Don't know which flavour ) + Nuts ( New flavour )

Couldn't recall what i ate.... ^^

Total : RM80++

Stay tune peoples ~ I'm so free now ... I will keep on updating my blog until you guys begging me to stop ... But ...I won't listen ...^^ Still have lots of pending post ~ <3

Sunday, June 5, 2011

✿ HuBBy @ KL ✿

Finally i'm here .... Errrmmm ~ This holiday took me for about 1 week that seriously made me busy .... Busier .... Busiest ~ by the way ... Final exam is approaching in my life ... But ...For this whole week , i just enjoying my life at KL and my hometown .... I spent 2 1/2 days at KL .... and 1 1/2 days at Malacca ... about 30 minutes at dad's house ... ( already late night , so need to go back early ) ....about 4 1/2 days at Kulai ....( Since 1st of June till 5th of June ).... 1/2 day at Singapore ...Am i enjoying out there ??? I guess "Yeah , you are really enjoying your holidays and you are done for your FINAL EXAM later .... " 


I actually captured some photos during my holiday ... So ... i'm gonna upload it here ... For a remembrance of where i've been ....

I went morning market ( Pasar pagi ) with aunties , mummy and hubby ... So ... I'm so lucky that i found this for myself ... It makes me fly back to my childhood's time ... I usually buy this when i'm a kid ... Oh god... How long already i left my childhood's time ? I like this snacks very much ... But ... It doesn't taste as nice as 10+ years back ...  It's okay ... I'm fine with it .. As long as i'm enjoying eating it while walking at the market ..

It's Chatime ~ I've been staying at KL for about 1 years and 1 month ... And... This is the first chance to drink this ... I kept reading regarding this drink in other's blog ... They were describing about the taste of the drink in their blog ... I couldn't imagine how much saliva are drooling when i read that ... XD I ordered green tea ice blended without the red bean topping ... I hate beans ~  :-(

Mummy went Guangzhou for about 2 weeks ... So ... i bet she will need a camera during her trip ... I bought a strip for the camera .. So ... It is more convenient for mummy to take picture whenever she wants ... * Paul Frank strip * Quite matching with my cammy ~ XD   = SATISFIED =

A bit blurry ... Because i snapped it while walking .. I'm so sorry about that ya ~ It is double chocolate ice blended from The Coffee Bean at Terminal  LCC.. It costs me about RM17 ....But ... It tastes as rich as the CADBURY chocolate .... Love it ~ <3

After fetch mummy and aunties to Terminal LCC .... I bought Female magazine so i can read it while hubby is driving ....^^ Enjoying ~ 

Did you spot the SPORT BEANS ? Hubby's energy beans ~ 

It is nice ... Hubby and i love it very much ... When he felt sleepy while driving headed to malacca , he will ask for it ... XD  lol ...

Love these apples at Pavillion ~  
This is just my trip at KL ... I will update more later ya ... Love you ~
  Muuuuaaacckkksss ~