Monday, July 23, 2012

❤ Murni 230712 ❤

Gonna blog about a food post now ! So sorry coz this is another outdated post that I can finally blog a little bit about it.. No idea why I forgot to blog about it and have no idea why I'm blogging about this when I'm feeling extremely hungry ! Hunger striking taking in action ! fyi : I went to Bangsar Village last week with my housemate, Hooi & his boyfie StanLee and my Babyboy... Then, we eat like nobody business #likeaboss around Bangsar ! I even get to try the best banana leaf just opposite Bangsar Village...

Omg ~ I got this from Mr.Google... It's just the same like what I ate that day.. *drooling* 

I tried this too ~ Les Deux Garcons
I can feel 3 different layers melted in my mouth ! The first cake that I fall in love with ! 
But, it costs about RM15 per small slice ~ Yes ! It super small ~ believe me ! 
Thanks, StanLee for buying it ~ 

After that, StanLee brought us to the best mamak stall in SS2 !  I can't believe this Restoran Murni is that awesome !  Feel like going back one day !  I managed to snapped this two pics with my phone and most of the pics Itook that day , I shared it on my Instagram 

Roti Hawaii 

Nasi Goreng Ayam Pandan ❤ 
This is really superb till I can finished it all by myself ! 
I read some tips from Foursquare after I checked in and I found out this ! 
Thanks to all the tips, Foursquare ! 

I'm damn hungry now seriously !  Got to go to have my lunch before headed to class ! ByeBye 

Monday, July 16, 2012

Shabu Shabu @ Lot 10 ❤

Hellooo sweetie  ! Yeahhhh ! Officially finished my hectic weeks with non-stop midterm tests >.<''' But, there is few more after next week... Always wanna make a study plan for myself, but FAILED ! Don't know why... After load of tests these few weeks, Nap is the BEST medicine for me ! Okay ! Gonna forget about it and wanna update my blog before I go to bed now ~ I did make a little promise that I will blog this week, since everything is considered OVER ! ^^ *Give me around of applause* Anyway, I'm just free for today... Assignments and lab reports are still in my pending list! 

Stop ranting about my tests or else you will get bored fast just in a glance of eyes ~ 

I bought a steamboat buffet voucher from Groupon which costs me for only RM20 each... Babyboy, Sam and I went there together... Lots of people in there and most of them are office workers... Anyway, Groupon always give us the best deal ! Worth for it ~ 

So, I will just let the picture tell you the story of what-we-ate-that-day 

Snapped this when everyone left ~

Our choice : Tomyam & Original Chicken Soup

I'm a seafood lover ! 


I'm a Veggie lover too ! 

Meatasaurus ! Babyboy's favourite 

Spot my seafoods ?! 

I didn't try this coz I'm too full after eat lot of clams ~ =.='''


Simple & Casual outfit :
Top : CottonOn
Bottom : Padini Authentics
Belt : Mirrocle
Bag : MNG

Wednesday, July 4, 2012


It's raining now !  
Short update before I off to my bed  :)

My July's babies ~ 

Goodnight , readers ! 

Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Day out with loved ones ♥

It was an awesome day out with my beloved sister,baby Louis and my babyboy on last Sunday... My sister decided to bring baby Louis to Aquaria@KLCC before they headed back to Johore... It was a brilliant idea since sister,babyboy and I never been there before ! So,YEAH!!! Our Sunday is at Aquaria... =D Baby sister paid for our admission fees ! Babyboy brought his student ID but sadly to say  that I didn't bring mine... No 10% discount on my admission fee ! =.=''' 
Adult : RM35
Child : RM25

Scariest fish ever in the world !
We missed out that piranha feeding show >.<

I like this electric eel ! Super cool since it can produce electricity up to 600 watts ! Isn't that awesome ?!!
Sleeping time !

Am I cute ? Yucks ! Fyi : I hate Amphibians & Reptiles !
Looks like alligator ,huh? It came near to me, that's why I can get this close-up pic... ^^
A bit ugly... ^^
I Dare You !
Hard to capture all the fishes in the Aquaria ~ Non-stop swimming !
The best part of Aquaria ! I called it Underwater World ! ♥
Wherever babyboy went,it swims on top of babyboy's head ~ ^^
Yeah ! The leader of the day ! Baby Louis ~ He is so tired after walking around the Aquaria and KLCC ! Pity my baby ~ 
Ikan yu !!!
I don't know what is this... But, there is a pail and it stays in it ~ Never move ~ =.='''  
Leopard prints on stingray ! Cool , huh ?
^^ Keep move out and move in from the sand!! 
Hairy starfish doing backflip ~ 

My favourite part at Aquaria ~ Jellyfish ! ^^ Colourful jellyfishes ~ 

I don't know what are they doing ~ 
Seahorse ~ The best pic of the day ! ♥♥♥