Sunday, January 20, 2013

Jang Won Korean BBQ Restaurant ❤

Annyeong ~❀ Since I'm just going to enter the second week of my new semester tomorrow, I will be a little bit free to update my blog these few days. I promise I will try to finish my blog posts about my two days of Singapore trip ( Sentosa & USS ) as soon as possible. I might separate it into 2 blog post. If not, the post will be overloaded with thousand of pictures. ^^ Do stay tune for them ya! So, here it is! Korean Food post for today :D

I went to Jang Won BBQ Korean Restaurant which is located at the heart of JB. I had been craving for Korean foods for a very long time coz there are so many Korean tourists came to my work place. Who can resists Korean foods when you listen to those Korean tourists' conversation. #oppa oppa oppa (: 
 It was a rainy day so BBQ can keep us warm. Hot charcoals :x
 On nom nom nom time (:
*evil grin* Isn't this look 맛있어요 (Yummy) and 수분이 많은 (Juicy)? I can't believe that I can blog about this while I'm still blogging with an empty stomach. Cravingggg for this now! Nooooo!
 The best thing about Korean foods is Free and Refillable side dishes
I don't know why my iPhone camera auto focus at those pork meats. :/ This made all the side dishes look so blurry.

Ready to eat, babeh! I'm so forgetful coz I didn't snap a picture of stuffing the meat and kimchi with lettuce! #failblogger
 This is 쇠고기 ( Beef ) meat that everyone loves. Don't you think so?    
 비빔밥 ( Bibimbap ) ~
‿♥ 김치 ( Kimchi ) soup 

Lastly, yours truly with super tiring eyes with puffy eyebags! 
Lack of sleep about 1 month during my semester break (x.x) #gameover

Saturday, January 19, 2013

Day Out with Loves @ Wings Music Cafe ❤

Yes, I'm finally back to blogging. I think my last post is about InHouse Cafe post. It is on the 20th October 2012. Yeap! That time I'm preparing for my final exam. Then, my final exam ended on the 14th December 2012. Last paper ended at 5pm then I took 7pm bus back to JB. Rush enough? =.=''' This is because I need to work on the 15th December 2012. Pity huh? :/

Hmm~ I think I'm already out of the topic. This is actually a sudden plan after our swimming session with few coursemates. We need to regain back our energy by eating FOODS. So, here we are. 

Wings Music Cafe, Setapak

My drink
Our drinks ^^

I'm really sorry coz I can't recall the name of the drinks and foods we ordered. This is a very very very outdated post actually. Besides, sorry for the low quality of the pics ya. Every picture is captured by using my baby iPhone4s. I don't know why the pictures will turned out like this. Isn't it 8 mega pixels? Bear with me ya~ ):

I remembered this is MINE !

All the guys are camera-shy. So, only Miss CCP want to take pic with me. So, two vain pictures of me ya ! Pretty her and I ~ (:

Stay tune for Korean Food post ya ~ ^^