Thursday, June 28, 2012

New Clothes & New Flat

Yeah !! Classes end kinda early yesterday... So, headed to KL Festival City which is near to my university..BIG SALES are everywhere! I got a tee from Cotton On at only RM15... Worth it ?!! Then, Nichii is having sales too ~ I bought a tee too at only RM12... I need lots of tees so I can wear to uni... Feel so stuffy if I wear a tank top inside and a cardigan >.<''' Helloooo ~ I'm not staying in western countries.. So, of course the weather between those countries and Malaysia is a big difference ! Hot & Cold... Sounds like a title of a song by Katy Perry ?! Haha ^^

Pixie time !!!
Blurry pic ~ Coz I stole it from Ipad2 Instagram : babyyesther
My flat that is from Vincci spoilt ! No choice have to buy a new one ~ It followed me for about 8 months ! Just a normal flat... If you still remember I did share about it before, can click here for the link...
Went for brunch with few coursemates ~
Kimchi Beef Soup set = Hubby Boy's
Shea Hao's ~ 
Mine ~
 Song Du Bu
Went for brunch with hubby boy just now ~
Can  I have this cute glass , please Mr. Sushi Tei ?
Comes together with set ~
Super cheap !
My Breakfast + Lunch + Dinner = RM15.8
Big portion for me ! Hubby boy ordered the same set as mine... Hardly for us to finish them >.<'''

Gonna work hard for something that is BIG !
Bye ~

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Outings with ❤

Well hello readers ! My life has been hectic day by day in this semester... But yet is still okay for me coz I'm still having my "Honeymoon" moment this week... But after this, nightmares are approaching ! Soon it's gonna be the end of June and July is the boss ~ ^^ 
Gonna stumbled myself when I look into my planner ~
Last weekend I had a great outings with my lovely sisters... We went many places to dine in !( Pavilion, The Gardens, KLCC ) I did enjoyed my 2 days 1 night outing with them ... I felt like crying at the moment we gonna say "Goodbye" to each other ~ >.<''' But no choice,everyone is having class and some of them are having final exams... 

We took quite a number of pics but sadly I do not have all the pics with me... There are plenty of pics with Ms.Tan... She is still in the midst of editing and uploading the pics to Facebook..So, here are some pics to kill your thirst ~ ^^
At Tokyo Street , Pavilion

I haven't ready !!! =.='''
At The Gardens 

At Dragon-i , Pavilion
Neway CEO , Fahrenheit 
Obviously you know where am I , right ?
Beautiful place to capture nice pic ~
This is my favourite pic ever ~
I set it as my Facebook profile picture ...

                                                          Well... That's all for this post ! 
                                Gonna snooze now if not no blood donation for me tomorrow ! 
                                                             Night night people !  <3

Friday, June 22, 2012

Getaway 210612

Hey peeps ! I'm so sorry for not updating my blog lately... Recently I'm quite busy rushing my lab reports... So, I will update my blog when I'm free ya... ^^ Pretty sorry about this... Here's a sneak peak on what I did yesterday for my sister gathering getaway ...

Thursday, June 14, 2012

Naked Palette by Urban Decay ❤

Naked Palette is super HOT item among girls nowadays... Who doesn't want to own a nice palette with more than one colours? So, what are you waiting for ? Simple and easy tasks right now ...

Dress-LikeCouture Shop is having a give away contest now... For the person that shared this photos with the most likes from friends, she will be the winner !


So, here are the steps on how to win this Naked Palette by Urban Decay :

1: Like "Dress-LikeCoutureShop" on facebook.
2: Share this photo on your facebook (dont forget to "public" it & tag dress-likecouture)
3: State there " I WANT TO WIN THIS AWAY from #dress-likecouture!" *Remember to tag them at 
    your pic ya ^^
4: The one who get the most likes will win this away!
5: P/S : Your likes can be doubled up if you purchased any goodies from their "JUNE" album.

What are you hesitating for ?? Go and "LIKE" their page now ~

I just joined... So, help me to like as well in my Facebook's wall ya :)
Here's the link ~

All the best ya, readers ^^
Mwah ~

Sunday, June 10, 2012

Random bites ❤

It's 10th of June now.... Time flies !! I just have 3 posts in this month.. This can't be ! I must blog often since there will be two coming outings with my girls ! ^^ Hope so ~ Anyway... Here's some random bites that I loved recently !

#01 Vampire Diaries

I love Stefan Salvatore so much ! He is effing HOT ! He is so into Elena Gilbert ! How I wished I'm Elena =D joking !

I only able to watch till Season 2 during my 3 weeks semester break ! What a pity ... I am planning to watch Season 3 after this long semester... Still have another 13 weeks to go ! Ain't that a little bit crazy ?! *Ignore me* Hope that Season 4 will be really releasing on this coming October ! _/\_

A song from The Vampire Diaries - Skinny Love

#02 Slot ( Ipad's game )

I love to play this game recently... I feel like I'm in casino... ^^ Winning money is my victory.. Losing money, I have no feeling on it ! Coz I am not using real MONEY ! ^^ Keep on betting likes gambler ! Hubby boy called me "烂赌鬼" or bad gambler ! Anyway, I do enjoy myself in this game ! Gambling #likeaboss (>.<) 

#03 Capture the nicest moment from the balcony 

Pretty sky that I captured this evening ! 

#04 Watched Madagascar 3 with coursemates 

#Kitschen #Seed #Subzero #Vincci #Mango
Here's a picture of your truly with M&M the bear at Candylicious ^^

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Wednesday, June 6, 2012

060612 ♥

It's my second week of my new semester... Everything is quite okay with me... Maybe Fluid mechanics, I found it too hard for me to digest them ! @.@''' Anyway... This is just a short post so that no spider webs are growing here... Some pics to describe my new semester ^^

From left : 
Fluid Mechanics (blue), Computer Aided and Programming ( Yellow - Lecture notes + Green - Tutorial ) , Material Science , Statics ( Light orange - Lecture + Orange - Tutorial ) , Thermodynamics ( Super light yellow - Lecture + Bright yellow - Tutorial ) and lastly Mathematics ( Pink - Lecture + Red - Tutorial )

Yeap ! As you can count, there are 6 subjects this semester ! Isn't that crazy ? >.<'''

My reference book which costs me RM59 ! 

Random take in class yesterday ! Too bored when having lecture in the afternoon ...

My big pencil case !

Outfit of the day !
#Nike #Mango #Subzero

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Monday, June 4, 2012

M.I.C.K.E.Y M.O.U.S.E ❤

Mickey mouse is gone viral in blogger post :) Hehe ^^ So, I am so eager to post mine since I'm so free right now ! I still remember my mom will bought me Mickey magazine when I'm still a kid... And I do watch Mickey Clubhouse now with my little nephew,Louis... His bedtime story ! 

Anyway, this event has been started for days! If Mickey fans out there haven't visit this, do not miss this chance ! What are you waiting for ?! Goooooooo !!! 

Back to the topic, I went Midvalley just for this right after my class on last Thursday... Super congested traffic that afternoon! It's okay... Boyfie droves us there.. Mwahhh, baby boy ! :-* I wanna share you guys some pictures that I took that day... About 90 photos ! Isn't that crazy ?! I think others took more than mine.. 
People are everywhere ! 
People with camera are snapping thousand of photos in their little world ~ 
They wouldn't mind if they blocked others view... 
Funny but I did enjoyed every single pic I took that day ! 

Tiny Mickeys designed by someone 

Designed by F.O.S 

The Best Mouse ♥ 

Rock Star Mickey ! 

My favourite among all 

Mickey full with laces ! 
Awesome ! 

Mickey Duck 

Aawww ! 

Spiderman Mickey is in town too 

24k Mickey ?! Lol ~

The Lion king 

By Sushi King 

Giant Mickeys aboard ! 

The Mickey's head that can be found in the Center court 

More photos : Click here !

Ignore my nerdy look ! ^^ 

It's 3.34am now ! Gonna turn in now before I woke up late for class tomorrow ~
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